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Man is not judged by what he knows,
but by the depth his spirit glows.
Not by the acts of which are done,
but by that which made them come.
About it and about, it's all the same,
the nature of the Cosmic game;
for that which manifests outside
is but the flower of the inner tide.

But time and tide do not withstand
the inner drive of what is planned;
and that which at one time glows dim,
a greater truth will one day ring.

The light within a man of light
rests not against the inner fight,
ever on it fights its best,
until its union is at rest.

Thus, a man is judged and known
by what degree the seed has grown;
but nature looks not at the act,
but only that which makes it fact.
Thus when you give the world a kiss,
truly nature does not miss,
that which made the kiss come out !
That's what judgements all about.

'Tis not what you did, 'tis why you did it.

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