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There comes a time, amid our span,
when we are called to go;
to learn a vital lesson
of things we HAVE to know.
The 'Gnosis of Direction'
of what we must become,
that the multitude incarnate
is in concordance with the One.

The pleasures of our freedom
now exhausted in our wake,
until we learn that freedom
has other roads to take.
For cogs in isolation
amount to nothing more
than cogs in isolation !
with no product in their chore.

But working as one unit,
and with knowledge of their heart,
then the product of the units
exceeds the sum of parts.
In Man such freedom is divine
that he may fall or rise,
(while in the life among the forms)
to the dungeons... or the skies.

part two

To miss the target is to fall,
and to hit it is to rise;
and the target thus in question
is the love we utilise.

But if one child along the way
fails to rise and shine,
and to bring forth that within them,
then the fault is YOURS and MINE.

We cannot use what is not there,
but the power IS within;
and to liberate that child of love,
will make Creation Sing.

The Gnosis of that wisdom
resides in one and all,
and to find it is to rise and shine,
but to lose it... is to fall.

Bring forth the love in every child;
that they may come to be,
a reflection of their greater self,
which exists... in Eternity.

* * *

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