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There is a Woman that I know,
who's as simple as could be;
she knows not but a thousand words,
or that one plus two makes three.

She knows not what she's doing here,
or from whither she came, or why;
she could not sing a song in tune
no matter how she'd try.

She could not ponder on the depths
of what things are; like some;
and neither could she argue her case,
or justify deeds done.

And yet, and yet, I say in truth,
no greater thing could be,
for the Love she has for a helpless child,
shames the likes of me.

Many a wise man have I known,
who when, compared with she,
are but the dimmest flicker,
in the light of Eternity.

For they chose love when it made them feel
as good as good could be;
but SHE, IS, love, of the deepest kind,
with its pain for all to see.

part two

The love for a child so helpless,
that gives nothing in return,
is the kind of love eternal,
that Man, will one day learn.

Such love is not a joy to feel;
the dark side, some would say;
and yet it is the greatest thing
seen by the light of day.

Do not tell a soul to love,
for there's nothing they can do
to instigate an essence
and make it flow so true.

But you and I do not create
the Essence we call love,
for it's there, inside, already done !
like the Stars that shine above.

But you and I must seek its source,
that mystic source within;
and then liberate its power,
to make creation sing.

No reason we need for such a task;
so seek none, for it's true,
that the greatest thing that ever was,
is there... at the root of YOU.

* * *

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