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The Child is the Father of the Man;
like the seed brings forth the tree;
and the seed's in the ground of Paradise
beyond the Temporal Sea.

Such ground is where you 'come to be';
the place of birth for you and me,
but something lies much deeper yet,
in a form of strange duality.

Duality is Emergent
with a 'chord' right from the heart,
to all the things that ever exist
right at the very start.

And the starting point is conscious,
and that you can well trust;
but do not measure by your girth;
and things ARE because they MUST.

And thus your ground of being
in which you come to be,
is not the bottom of the well
but the root of you and me.

Beyond that place we cannot go;
but of it you can sing,
and even though the mystery lasts;
you know, in truth, no other thing.

* * *

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