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I was once asked to state the place,
co-ordinates, so to say;
wherein the realm of Paradise
could be found upon that day !
- "So where, in all the Universe,
is the realm of which you talk;
beyond the sky; beyond the stars;
or is it all just balk" ?

The question is misleading,
and stems from narrow mind;
for within the bounds of temporal form,
no Paradise you'll find.
For where it lies you need not know,
for you do not have to walk !!!
and what kind of fool, about such things,
would ever dare to talk
unless they'd really seen it
and knew of what they say
of the most profound creation
that came to be this way ?

Such questions are misleading
yet in another way,
for the questioner is seeking proof
of the place we go that day.

But you and I cannot prove;
'tis not for us to do;
and the acts you did from knowledge,
would not then be virtue.

part two

So I answered with a question -
"So where's the Universe found ?"
To which the questioner answered
"Out there... and all around"!
I told him, with an honest smile,
that when you're in that ground,
"Likewise it is with Paradise;
out there, and all around" !

And yet, in all their wisdom,
they cannot even say,
the Co-ordinates of the Universe
which they live in... every day !!!

'Tis funny when they act so smart;
it leaves much room to fall;
but they will ponder further
while they wait in LIMBO'S hall.
For then they'll ask some questions,
without their tongue in cheek;
while thinking they are stranded
up the Cosmic creek.

My love, it's all so funny;
your secrets are well hid;
while cretins seek, with hammers blow,
to try and prise the lid.

* * *

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