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The Cosmos of Creation
is all that's ever done;
the past, existing present,
and all things yet to come.
The universe however,
of which we see today,
is but a passing moment
in one mansion of that way.

Of Protons and Electrons
creation is not made,
for on the ground of Consciousness,
creation is thus laid.
The Mind is not a cog of form
which churns amid a ground
of ricocheting atoms
and energy thus bound.

The Universe of form you know,
through which you pass this day,
as even the one beyond it,
will all thus pass away.
But the realm which lies beyond them,
from which they all take form,
is the permanent creation
beyond the gate of dawn.

They are like ripples on a pond,
or the hard rim of a wheel,
but the central hub which holds them,
therein, all things are still.
'Tis much like a transmitter,
which sends the Cosmic bleep
that manufactures things of form,
and time which runs so deep.

Yet all the things in temporal fields,
no matter how far flung,
have spokes which hold them to the hub
where all things are there one.
And down that spoke you'll slide one day,
as I have done before;
as so do all things in their course,
to know that there is more -

part two

- more to life than taking
all things we come to see;
but knowing of their purpose,
and your place in Eternity.
But you can now well doubt it,
and question it like me;
for that's the way the mind will grow,
and truly come to see -

- creation is trimorphic,
even you and me,
but perception is dualistic;
and thus the mystery.
The Trimorphic Protennoia
brings forth both you and me,
and everything that ever exists
in time, and Eternity;
like the Sea brings forth rain water
that falls on hill and plane;
but the Sea creates no water,
for creation's another domain.
But only in the final gate,
before the void does come,
will you know Trimorphic Mind
enshrined there.... all in ONE.

And so I say, dear Omar,
in truth the time is nigh,
for MAN to know of what he is,
and whither he came, and why.
One day the Stars he'll travel,
and all will be his ground,
but he must walk in Wisdom,
and Love, thus so profound.

* * *

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