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The secret of life, dear Omar,
is thus not learned on Earth,
but in the Womb of Eternity,
where we first had our birth.
Not the birth of the body
or the temporal mind we know,
but the birth of our minds that existed
before the temporal show.

'Tis not of metaphysics,
or things that go from here,
but that of PROTOPHYSICS,
from whence we came to here.
And likewise is it also so,
that when things go from here
they fall back to from whence they came,
the Divine Eternal Sphere.

For things are like a vortex
which blossom up through time,
and when the time cannot be held
they fall back to their prime.
But all the things that manifest
have purpose of their own,
while fitting in the scheme of things,
many orbits from their home.

And each and every vortex
will find itself among
the food it needs for further growth
for the next time it will come.
So practice all the things you love,
and feel for what is best,
for the next time that you come back here,
you'll wear them like a vest.

part two

But strange it is we have to go
back from whence we came,
while living in the temporal life,
to learn the Cosmic game.
Thus, Paradise is for the living,
and not the dead you see !
for knowing it only when you're gone,
is no good to you, or me.

Thus, why do some that journey make
while others have to wait
until their time on Earth is up
before passing through that gate ?
Thus there's more to learn yet,
and far beyond my ken,
but time was made for mind you see,
and we will know it..... when.

'Tis also a part of the secret,
for those who come to see
just what it's like within that realm
that brought forth you and me.
Although that realm does not give birth,
for there's something deeper yet,
and that's the thing that makes us sing,
and the source of the Cosmic duet.

That thing, of course, it cannot live
among the forms it brings;
but you and I can let it live,
by the song our spirit sings.
That is the ultimate secret,
and the power that we hold,
and that is why we are on Earth,
so the Reciprocal Convergence unfolds.

part three

Thus it is a miracle,
that the absolute made me;
and that, in time, it's you and I,
that here, can set it free;
to dwell among its forms divine;
to feel the wind, to taste the wine;
for when we feel the passion strong,
we're giving back the Cosmic song.

The Mutual Convergence (two in the field)
takes us home to rest;
but the Reciprocal Convergence (here on Earth)
in truth I say is best;
For in death we have the prize so grand
and nought there is to do;
but here on Earth it is MY WILL,
that says.... "My love, this is for you"!

And thus it is that giving
all the joy within,
will not only fill you to the depths
but makes all others sing.
And likewise when you're drained of joy
and used up all within,
then more, and more, will come your way;
just like it is.... therein.
We cannot stay in Paradise;
we cannot stay on Earth;
and nowhere is there else to go;
and so we thus.... rebirth.

* * *

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