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Good and Evil are one road -
experience of the mind.
Good is that which lies ahead
and evil that behind.
The road is relative to each one
at any point in time,
as so too are the passing points
which consciousness must climb.

Such road is thus a one way street
along which souls must tread
to modulate its spirits glow,
and learn the way ahead.
The lessons learned are Essences
which dwell beyond the forms;
and Virtue is a recognition
of when an essence dawns.

Evil cannot rise in mind
until a lesson's learned
by each soul having trod that path,
and its knowledge thus has earned.
Hence good can look both forward
and also where it's been;
but evil knows no journey
or what there is to glean.

Good alone knows evil,
for it's passed along those ways,
and learned the lesson that it brings
and the dividend it pays.
Thus good is where you're going,
and evil's where you've been,
and nought there is experienced
which by the inner eye goes unseen.

part two

The principle of good and bad
is that of AFFECTATION,
and exists for things we have to learn;
its effect is MODULATION.
There is no choice in learning,
it simply IS THE WAY;
and the greatest evil that there is,
is REMORSE for yesterday.

Thus good is but ATTRACTION
while REPULSION is evils mode;
but the journey is a one way street
with no turning on that road.
Evil pushes where good pulls
like gravity of the mind;
but they are the self same movement;
(though pulling's much more kind).

'Tis like a row of Taverns
through which we all must go
to sup the goods that in them lie,
so we can say "I KNOW" !
For that which tasted vile
we will not drink again;
and not a thing created
cares to drink of pain.

But do not judge another
by actions that you see,
for he may be supping at a house
a few doors off from thee.
But it's safe to judge the actions,
for you know of where you've been;
but do not judge the doer,
for their soul you've never seen.

part three

A soul is measured by its GLOW,
(and not by you and me);
'tis assessment of how much it's grown
and where it's come to be.
'Tis measured in the DOME OF WHITE,
which lies before the gate,
where ANNIHILATION takes you home,
to rest in your orbit of state.
And when the two become as one
in the field of white that day;
then all the pains of learning
will thus THEN pass away.

Beyond the gate of Paradise
there is nothing you will know
of attraction and repulsion
which took place in the temporal show.
And neither is there knowledge
of things judged good or bad;
for you could not sup in Paradise
if memory you had.

The one which lies beyond all things,
needs not of good or bad,
nor ugliness or beauty,
for all knowledge it's long since had.
But minds that come like you and I,
such lessons for to see;
must learn of all the principles
that exist in creations sea.

part four

Some learning is a joy to know,
and some is pain untold;
and there is no exit from the flow
where lessons of mind unfold.
For all the principles, at their best,
just as they are below,
cannot rest until they come
to FORM, in the temporal show.

The greatest gift there is, by far,
is that we come to know,
that you and I do play our part
in creations mighty flow.
We have not come here just to taste,
or watch in passive awe,
for delegated unto us
is part of creations chore.
And hence we must learn what is right,
and what is best to do;
a task among the living forms
where so much depends on YOU.

If they ask you for a sign
within you.... to expose,
then tell them that the sign they seek
which in PARADISE doth dwell,
and knows the song the singer sings,
and reflects it oh so well.
So talk not then of Evil
or pain you have to bear;
but only that of LEARNING,
and the Love we all must SHARE.

* * *

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