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Some say we are God's creatures,
like puppets on a string;
some say we are from Monkeys;
but neither know a thing
about the nature of the truth
of what evolves in time;
but if such thoughts console them;
then rather theirs, than mine.

Evolution is dualistic,
for we live in what we need;
through dialectic of all knowledge;
environment for the seed.
No seeds are cast on barren ground
by the nature of the way;
we are not cast from Paradise
to be thus lead astray.

We are not here to suffer,
and there is no such thing as sin;
cast off such thoughts and place them
in the Cosmic rubbish bin.
In Paradise we can't evolve,
for events can't pass that day;
but here on Earth, in time, and form,
we come to learn the Cosmic way.

part two

All learning thus digested
will pass to instinct when
Homo Ensophicus walks the Earth;
a race of Divine Men.
But never will there come a time
when there's nothing left to learn;
nothing left to stir the heart,
or a new page thus to turn.

But without such Divine ignorance
placed upon you and I
in the form of Cosmic amnesia
then imagine how you'd try
to walk a few short paces,
while thinking how to move;
but the mind is cleared for better things
beyond its previous groove.

If you had to be thus conscious
of how to think, or sit, or stand,
where then the time for love, and art,
or observing quality of the land ?
Such things are placed in memory
beyond the senses realm,
into the realm of instinct,
the driver of that helm.

part three

For that is what the brain is for,
among so many things;
it soaks up all we need to know;
but it's not the brain that sings.
The thing which sings, or writes a verse,
and talks of what it loves,
is the spirit level of the soul,
which shines... like stars above.

Look not amid the Human brain
for the place where spirit curls;
it dwells only in Eternity,
and guarded like rare pearls.
It is the lover of the loved,
the seer of the seen,
the child of creation;
the answer to a dream.

Created minds are here to stay,
though personalities pass away;
but when you talk thus of your 'self'
then KNOW of what you say;
lest you deride the greatest thing
that ever passed this way.
For you are mind, so rare and true;
Paradise 'is' because of you;
and so too are all things in time;
so with it now... what will you do ?

* * *

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