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Let not words confuse you
for they are only tools;
some arise from wise folk,
and some arise from fools.
Some point to things which thus exist
and hence a useful word,
but some point thus to nothing,
which makes them quite absurd

A word is but a sign post,
and made by me and you
to point to something that is real,
to something that is true.
'Tis also wise to keep in mind
that Man creates such scrawl,
but mind is from, and then returns,
to where no words exist at all.

Where mind at deepest root is formed,
and in that essence laid,
it knows not things which POINT to truth,
for IN IT, it is made.
SYNETIC dialogue is the form
of communication there;
the thing of truth, within itself,
and pointing thus... nowhere.

We are living in a time right now
where nought there is that's true,
for all is seen as relative,
and sign-posts are so few.
Or so many which confuse you:
for what is really seen
when you observe the colour red
and others see it green ?
The truth is that one sees it
as a colour glowing red
and yet another... sees it green !
but have a thought instead,
to a third truth, now objective,
which is neither Green nor Red.

part two

But how would you distinguish
vibrations which thus fall
on created minds observing
the flow of what can be
if nought there was to isolate
the observer from the tree. ?

'Tis thus of no importance
the colour of the glow
that some see green and some see blue,
the truth is that you KNOW,
that this or that vibration,
though close in proximity,
will separate creation
and allow you thus to see.

If creation were one colour,
and the same for all to see,
one simple cosmic vibe throughout;
then how boring it would be !
Where some see red
and some see green
perhaps it is a test,
and life is trying different modes,
to see which one is best !

Reality has many layers
and dimensions of the Mind;
and each with truth abounding
within that field confined.
But in a different layer
there are other truths to tell,
and the principles are different
from the one's you know so well.

Be confused not likewise,
that often where two words ring
a different sound within your mind,
they mean the self same thing.

* * *

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