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(For Cassie from Dad)

Though times often come
when the heart does not glow;
so laden with worry
that no song will flow.
But just as the seasons
must pass in their turn
there comes a great mystery
which makes the heart burn
with a freshness of vigour
in passion so rare
in a pounding of love and beauty so fair.

What reason, they ask,
is such thing as it is ?
For no reason, I say,
for that's how it is !

And when all your burdens
and chores, like a chain,
shackle the spirit
in gloom's dark domain
there comes, like a whisper,
a fragrance so fair
which lifts all such anchors
which shackled you there -

part two

- and raises the spirit
on wings like a Dove,
to once again dwell
in its domain of love.

What reason, they ask,
is such things as it is ?
But no reason, I say,
is the best reason there is.

Search not for reasons
why things should be good,
but accept what they are,
for they are as they should.

Search why they are not so
in times that are less;
and strive that they must be,
with love and with zest.

* * *

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