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For Old Acquaintances.

Once in a while it's nice to say,
of that which motivates one's day,
and adds a spice so rare and true;
my love, that thing you know, is you.

No riches can buy one ounce of love,
and no toil or sweat can stir that Dove;
nor all the power in the Sea
contains a cup of what's in thee.

The gift of friends is rare indeed;
and steadfast in our times of need.
So once in a while then let it be said,
for you cannot tell them when their dead.

The moment having been, moves on,
and never again to be seen;
and we cannot expunge what has been done;
nor return to alter the screen.
So give it thought, while there is time,
of all the acts you do,
for once they're done, they're done - they're done,
and they were done by YOU.

So how does one talk of such a gift
that gives one's heart that special lift ?
I cannot think of what to say,
but I thank what IS for your birth day.

* * *

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