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It is easy to point out the faults
that exist in creations sea,
such things which don't sit well in minds
of beings such as we.

Such things as pain and hardship,
and diseases that still come;
and hills that roll and flatten
such works as we have done.

But incarnate evolution,
in which a day is but a page,
is a process of creation
amid aeons of an age.

Homo Sapiens are a mode
of consciousness in form,
not near the end of such a road,
but nearer to the dawn.

Nought can come from 'nothing',
as some would make believe;
creation's not a conjuring trick
or a trump up some-ones sleeve.

It is a work of toil and pain
with tears shed on the way,
to liberate all conscious minds
in the multitudes array.

It is not a case, as some have thought,
that the multitude must come
to merge and reunite in form
with the consciousness of 'ONE';
but it IS the case that all that be
in incarnate form shall come
to live in unique freedom,
but with knowledge of the 'ONE'.

part two

It is not a resolution
of the 'multitude in one';
but when the 'ONE', is in the all,
creation will be DONE.

We are near to the beginning;
nowhere near the very end;
but the knowledge of from whence we come;
our vision will thus mend.

How many Stars gave forth their form
that worlds like this may come;
from works done in an Atom
in the furnace of a Sun;
while created minds in Paradise
rested in repose
while such forms were thus created
and in temporal fields arose.

The first in the chain of being,
will be the very last
to emanate in temporal forms
its own loves then to cast.

Creation is a gift to mind;
to do with what we will;
but welded to great wisdom;
and the love it does instil.

Think not, that all the minds on Earth
are on the self same rung
in the evolution of their Soul,
as in temporal forms is done.

For in such mode of thinking
n'er will you understand,
and paradox will haunt you,
wherever you walk the land.

For enlightenment is as relative
as the dark night of the Soul
amid each step of learning
and attaining your next goal.

part three

Judge not the acts of wise folk
by the contents of a child;
judge not the young in ignorance
where passion is so wild -

- for each and every mind on Earth
can still both learn and teach
from each and every Soul there is
within life's temporalities reach.

Reflect a little also,
that where fools walk today,
that you, and all the wise folk,
did walk along that way.

Our judgements are not final
until everything you've seen;
and that's a day so far away,
beyond all childhood dream.

And when a child asks you
as to how it can be done
that two pints fit into a cup
that once held just the one,
then tell them that the task is done
by melting down the cup
and moulding it again in time
with twice as much to sup.

Events can never come to pass
beyond the realms of time;
for there is no evolution
in the virgin womb sublime.

* * *

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