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Of all the things created,
midst Time and Eternity,
of all the things created,
the closest that there be,
to the centre of your being,
is the Womb of Eternity.

Where Stars lie at a distance
in the depths of time and space,
and untold light years come between
your self and such a place,
the Sun lies just eight minutes
and the Moon is closer still;
so how long ago the tip of your nose ?
and how closer yet until
there is no space or time between
"Now" and conscious will ?

For "Now" exists in Paradise,
and nowhere else is found
the Point of no Duration;
for the Centre... is the Ground.

And the Centre of creation
is the centre of all things
that emanate in time and space,
and where your mind begins.

part two

'Tis hard to take in at a glance,
and harder yet to see
just why such things exist at all,
or even come to be.

Yet paradox is answered
when Paradise comes to Earth;
for then you'll KNOW, beyond all things,
of Wisdom's greatest worth.

The Mutual Convergence,
will you, that time endow,
with no yesterday, or tomorrow;
for in Paradise.... it's "NOW".

No greater miracle there could be
amidst all things... old and new,
for while 'out of time'... you are IN IT,
and 'in time'... IT IS IN YOU.

How Incredible - and Awesome !!!

* * *

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