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Never will there come a time
when you will say to me -
"Now I see that you were right
when you told the mystery".

For when you come to learn the truth,
beyond all memory then you'll be;
and so very few amid one term
ever come to see.

But you will still remember
while passing through the dark
transition of the journey home
whereon you will embark
the retrospection of your life,
and what was of great worth;
and I trust you'll not be loaded down
with remorse on which to work.

But come a time... another time,
when you will read a book,
amid a life in which you were
'reeled in'... upon that hook
which binds us to the very core
of creations first deed done;
and then you'll say, "Oh yes, it's true,
I am not the only one !"
But those who hear the message now,
and even though they do not KNOW,
they do have knowledge OF the truth,
of whence they come and go.

* * *

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