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"So many gods, so many creeds
so many paths that wind their way;
while just the art of being kind,
is all the sad world needs today".

No need there is to seek such truth
for mile after mile;
for the message of the Divine Realm
is writ on every smile.

Yet in no books will truth be found
despite the fevered search;
nor in the halls of reason,
nor Synagogue or Church.

For that which gives event to all,
and where we all are born,
is no further than the depths of self,
beyond the Gates of Dawn.

What opens up the porthole
to let the light shine through ?
just ask yourself the question...
Are your actions to your feelings true ?

When harmony abounds within,
and all striving put aside;
then for a while, among those depths,
we take that Cosmic ride.

And so I say, dear Omar,
when all is said and done,
no greater joy there is in life,
than Knowing whence we come.

* * *

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