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The things of which I've mentioned
are not theory, but are 'thus'.
I have stated them quite briefly
without circumbendibus.

But most will still yet argue
for duration's yet to come;
of what they are
and why they're here,
and from whence their being come.

But before you make a judgement,
first come to know your self:
and know of that which is not you;
the deepest Cosmic wealth.

The words I have thus written
are nought in any measure
to try and pay a debt I owe
for the deepest Cosmic pleasure.

My hope is that you come to see,
while you are still on Earth,
the things of which I've mentioned;
of such Wisdom and such worth.

And when the time shall come to be,
when all Men on Earth do know
the nature of their inner depths;
how then ... the World will Glow.

And then... for a duration,
the essence of the ONE,
will be the same amid the Earth,
as in Paradise: It Will be Done.

* * *

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