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Like those who went before me,
and those still yet to come,
I too walked on the water
when temporal life was done.

In time and form we have a choice
for you, just as for me,
to let the water flow right through,
or confine it like a sea.

So wiser now, by far I see,
to let out all within,
to let it flow its natural path
and shape us from within.

For that which does not move inside,
like trapped air in a room,
cannot function as it must
and stagnates all too soon.

In temporal life we are the banks
of the mighty rivers tread;
but to dam the torrent in its path
is to damn yourself instead.

The banks are the observer,
and the river is that seen;
in death the banks subside once more;
and nought can come between.

part two

It is often said a Prophet
will tell of times to come;
but I tell you that a Prophet
will tell of when time's done-

-and of the love that's evergreen
and cannot pass away
from the fountain of such wisdom
in the place we go that day.

Thus, you and I, at deepest root,
where time has no duration,
is the FIRST created thing;
the CHILD of creation.

Before the mountains high and wide,
before the sea's did flow,
before the Stars gave forth their light,
even then....
.... I said, "I KNOW" !

* * *

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