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Dedication to Professor Abdus Salam,
Director of the
International Centre for
Theoretical Physics; Trieste.

My soul is of a birth so rare,
beyond the multitudes rude glare.
The womb of silence is all mine,
its knowledge vast as the Divine.
Where time can neither rust or move,
and none there are to disapprove
the chorus of the lights aglow
which only lovers come to know.
The sparkling womb of eternity
fit for only that part of me
which lasts the final judgement day
when part must go, and part must stay.
And when annihilations job is done,
that part of me which is the son
of creations love Divine,
and knowing that which is of mine.

And thus we know the deeper wealth;
the knowledge of the truth of self;
and all that is not me you see,
the absolute of objectivity.

part two

"I envy you this knowledge;
especially while so young" !

Oh no my friend,
don't do so,
for you know not what it's done !

The consequence of knowing,
whilst on this world one dwells,
is synonymous with drowning
in a stream of living hells:
in a world where love is tethered
to a lie (about to die)
by the will of men incarnate
who's spirits have run dry
of all that is of value -

- and thus what is the worth,
the exodus from paradise
to find oneself on earth !?

But in due course they all will know,
and only then can this world glow.
In the meantime, let them feel,
and life, to them, will then reveal.

* * *

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