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If you would tread the mystic path
amid this temporal life;
then know it's not your act of will;
but a pulse from the deepest depths of life.
You cannot force it for yourself,
so simply sit and wait,
and longing for a deeper truth
to reach out from its hidden gate.

But we, are not the judge of when,
such things should come to pass,
for the reasons are much deeper
than temporal thoughts that pass
through our minds at random,
or forced by our own will,
for it is the pulse of deeper life
and comes, when all is still.

It comes when it is ready
to modulate the form,
by principles of driving force
beyond the gates of dawn.
And if you would tread the mystic path
amid this temporal life,
then make the time to free your mind
from daily things, and inner strife.

part two

Dwell only on the perfect,
insofar as you can feel,
of music, love, and beauty,
and your self which is so real.
Thus find a place of beauty
and dwell there... all alone,
and open up your mind and heart
and sing of what is known.

Rewarded are the solitary,
for they make time their own
while living in the multitude;
and they will know their home.
But if these things come not to pass
amid this temporal spell,
then never lose the truth I say,
for you will know it well.

There is a day, a time, a place,
for things to make their show,
but you and I, about these things,
cannot really know
of when that day is ripe at hand,
for they happen as they must,
but when it is - you'll know it then;
and that, you can well trust.
Another time, another day,
another form will come,
for that is how the spirit grows
in concordance, with the One.

part three

But if such things are ready
their time at hand to come,
and yet you do not make the space
for effects which must be done;
for then the soul knows turmoil,
and little of which to laugh;
and that is but a sign for you
to tread another path.

Rewarded are the solitary,
for they make time you see,
and eager to grow in Wisdom,
and for whatever must then be.

I have torn up the knowledge
a thousand times, or more,
whilst even knowing of its truth;
for it was such a chore.
I have torn up the knowledge
a thousand times and more,
and each time had to once again
go through that self same door.

But not the doors, dear Omar,
of which you trod again,
for you will not learn the facts of life
by listening to Men.
For life is all about you,
both outside, and within;
and Theory's are ten a penny;
and will never make you sing.

* * *

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