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You cannot dam the Cosmic pulse
without some form of stress
when you are thus ready
for new ways to now address.

Our growth, at times, is hard to take,
because of change brought in its wake,
but the loss of yesterdays sweet song
in Cosmic growth is nothing wrong.
So do not mourn for yesterday,
and all the things now passed away,
for they have done their job in time
to make the lesser, more Divine.

Creation's not yet done you see,
for some depends on you and me;
the product of our lives on Earth
will come from acts to which we give birth.
So ponder well upon what's best,
for in time effects will manifest
and bring a world which we will grow;
for what you reap - is what you sow.

Do not fight the days of stress,
but go the way that brings redress
where change has thus to come your way
for another dawn, another day.
And each profound experience
will teach you something new;
and if it comes not all at once...
so much, the best, for you !
Such learning comes in two forms,
one amid the day,
amid the temporal things in life;
thus, local, in its way.
The other is transcendent,
when you, must go, to IT;
but all we learn, whichever way,
will make the puzzle fit.

* * *

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