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From Eternity for this Purpose

The beauty then, of Gnosis,
and the nature of the way,
is that if all the books on Earth
in time all passed away,
then the knowledge of the truth of things
Man would still come to learn,
for it follows Mind wherever it goes,
and whichever way it turns.

Likewise on any Planet
on which life may take part,
from the beginning, unto the end,
where Universes start.

When I was young, before I knew,
I thought that life was strange,
a joy, the deepest mystery,
that ever was arranged.
But now a little older,
and with little time to go;
how much I underestimated
the nature of the flow.

To say that life's a mystery
is like saying that Paradise is good,
and to say "I KNOW", is not the same
as saying it's understood.

I wish no more to understand,
for I understand enough;
and what I've learned in such short time;
for one lifetime.... is enough.

* * *

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