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Never was a thing on Earth
created so divine,
so virtuous in ignorance,
so powerful, yet sublime.
So wise and yet so childlike,
amid the Cosmic plan,
who knows both love and hardship;
as the phenomenon of Man.

I tell you this, in greatest truth,
that the last thing you will see
is a tear, of which, I knew not why;
in the mystic trinity.
But many years did then pass by
before I came to know,
not from where, but only WHY,
that tear thus came to flow.

Man knows ignorance, toil and pain,
and yet he knows no prize;
for all he knows there's nothing,
when last he shuts his weary eyes.
Creation is a painful task,
and little peace is brought,
but ever yet, in Man alone,
'ought' is sought, by thought !

I tell you this my greatest love,
in ignorance Man still laughs;
yet the mover of creation
never had to walk such paths.
To know all things implicit
is quite a feat.... well done !
But I strike a medal thus for Man,
for his virtue he has bravely won.
My love I bow my head to thee,
for all the things that come to be,
but of all the things made in the plan;
no greater miracle there is... than Man.

* * *

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