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If you would ask the question,
as I did once before,
as to why you should do this or that
although it be a chore;
then the answer is not easy
but I'll try to do my best,
to the explanation, as I see it,
and from hindsight of the rest.

There is no extra profit
from any good deed done
by you and me amid this life;
and if there were but one
then that would be a blackmail
of the deep and darkest kind,
and never would such system
sit well upon the mind.

But nonetheless we do our best
to make this world a cheer
for a reason which is hard to say,
but I think we're somewhere near
to say that such an act brought forth,
and by our intention done,
is an act of love - for nothing,
for no reason it is done;
other than - "I love you"!
and for what that may be worth;
for creation can't be wasted
upon this little Earth.

And when this world's a cinder
or a ball of frozen ice,
I think it would be fitting,
or at least it would be nice,
to say, or let it be said,
that once upon a time
upon this little fragment -
Man became... Divine.

* * *

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