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Let it be... as so it is !
or 'amen' as some would say;
for now I see, dear Omar,
that in the Cosmic way
I would not change one Atom,
one smile... or one tear;
for each effect will modulate
our understanding so,
that in due course all minds will see,
and come to say... "I KNOW" !

And when the final chord is struck;
then you will really ken,
the Essence of the hearts of all,
Children, Women, and Men,
in the ground of the last supper;
in the ground of the last Amen.

My God !.. If I could write one poem !
or write one melody;
or paint the ultimate picture,
that men might come to see
the likeness of perfection
at the heart of all that be,
in the paradise of the virgin womb
in the ground of eternity.

But alas, there is no thing that's made
by any Art of men
to emulate incarnate
the ground of the last Amen;

as it is... in the last Amen.

* * *

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