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One day I hope to find a Man,
a Woman, or a Child,
who walks this Earth in knowledge
of that Wisdom, oh so mild.
Or even one so virgin
who does not look away
when told of the Eternal Realm
from whence they came that day.

Then they and I will talk of things
for a pleasant hour or more
of the mystic cave which lies beyond
that secret Cosmic door
hard by the gate of melting light
wherein a truth is known,
and when it is digested
they then, will know their home.

We'll sing a song in silence:
and share stories we have known
of events which we have come to see
since last we left our home.
But they and I will have no place
in the present world uncouth,
where men yet walk in Somnus
and turn their backs on truth.

part two

Near dawns the twenty-first century;
let's hope it's in the plan
that when they are thus twenty-one,
mere boys become a Man.

And now I am retiring,
for my time is nearly done;
I have but given food for thought -
- but another will yet come -
One, which when it comes your way,
then you will know the rest,
for you'll have knowledge, of the all:
Consummatum... Est.

Remember then, the day you go,
the words which you have read,
of the place some say you're living
and some say you are dead.
For remembrance will save you
from the nausea of fear
while passing through that Limbo,
where Paradise is near.

* * *

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