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(Male and Female)

I'll just say this before I go -
No matter my love, what you think you know;
the time is now for me to leave,
so do not weep, and do not grieve.

In yet another time, and place,
a Girl of beauty, charm and grace,
will spy across a crowded floor
a youth she knows she will adore.

They'll know not of I and you,
for they'll be born again - as new.
But deep within they'll feel a beat;
in recognition they will greet -

- and you and I will once again
frolic in the Sun and Rain;
with passions high and feelings deep
that harvest once again we'll reap.

Paradise can have its day,
and all such days can go their way;
but BEING is for you and me...
time and again - eternally.

Time and beyond will let you see
that you and I will ever be
the pounding of the cosmic heart,
and never will we be apart.

When next we meet in fields Divine;
then I'll be yours, and you'll be mine:
again we'll show them at a glance
just how the passion needs to dance.

* * *

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