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and the

Dignity of Man

The Knowledge of Self
as revealed in the process of
Being and Becoming
and in the
Death and Resurrection of Consciousness

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What are we? Where do we come from? What are we supposed to be doing here? How best should we be going about living together in harmony and effective accord? Why does anything exist at all - and how? What exists to guide mankind through existence? What really is Being, the flow of consciousness? And what is the essential nature of the observer and the observed?

These are known as the perennial questions; and it becomes clear from hindsight of the psychognosis event that the phenomenon to which I coined that term is the only cognitive event which directly addresses these perennial questions. Psychognosis means the direct first hand conscious experiential Knowledge of Self. This event has been known by many names throughout time and nations, including: Re-Legio: The Transcendent Mystical Reunion: The Ground of Being: Illumination: and many more; but the true meaning and explanation of the event has become lost to consensus understanding by virtue of both ignorance and predominantly by direct manipulation for vested interests of priestcraft. It is high time that changed.


This website offers the opportunity to read and/or download the book 'Psychognosis and the Dignity of Man', which came about by the request to put the authors original verses into context and simplistic prose. The ninety-nine poems can also be read herein along with articles from other people and organisations interested in this phenomenon and with respect to the establishment of a new Paradigm (The Experiential Paradigm), which is based upon direct human experience, as opposed to belief systems and hearsay. Likewise it offers other links, which relate to the phenomenon. The website owner can be contacted by email with comments and ideas relating to these events if one so chooses.