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The object, reason, and necessity of this website, and others like it, is to assist in the process of ushering in a New Paradigm. A new way of understanding our nature of being, and our cognitive function in the whole of existence. Such a paradigm is one which many of us are calling 'The Experiential Paradigm'. This involves an understanding of ourselves which is due not to myths, beliefs, the religions of priestcraft or the isolated philosophies of this or that person, but rather a paradigmatic understanding of our existence, and all existence, due to direct first hand conscious experience of human beings. Consciousness is the phenomenon by which we know and understand anything - including our own existence. For without the flow of consciousness through our being then we are as good as dead; and know nothing at all about anything.

Humanity learns by way of conscious experience and observation, and of course by asking questions about the various phenomena presented to our conscious awareness. A part of our learning is written into the genome for access to the evolving mind and consciousness of the phenomenon of Humanity. Other aspects of our learning and understanding is documented and archived for future generations to give thought to and take over from where we left off - and to take the process of 'Becoming' even further.

However, hitherto, for the large part at least in western philosophy and psychology, the process of observation has been limited to only one half of creation - objectivity. But in the nature of real wholistic reality there is both the observer and the observed. We cannot attain to a comprehensive understanding of the nature of reality by studying only a half of it - we have to study (and come to know) ourself, the observer of the observed. Moreover, throughout the unfolding of the implicate nature of things this fact of self observation is actually forced upon us; and hence is not a mere fancy of personal choice for something to do.

Nothing, it seems, comes harder to humanity than having to leave behind old ideas and concepts that sit easy on the mind, and seem to make sense is so far as we know things at any one point in human evolution. But whilst temporality and forms exist then evolution marches on - and taking us with it. The human mind and conscious awareness, just like the physical universe itself, is expanding, and with more and more potential all the time. However, the smarter we get and the more power to which we attain then the more we have to understand how best to use this power and potential. We do not come into this life with a written instruction manual of how to operate and what best to do for the best. However, that which is needed is written within the system of existence itself, and much of which is written into the system of our own inner dynamics of being. That which many of us use the word metaphysics to point to is, by some, called our spiritual or essential nature; but a rose is a rose by any other name.

We are comprised of levels of emanation; and codes of instruction are written into our system - - and it is for us to use everything which is given unto us in the nature of reality to do the job. An acorn does not have to be told how to become a mighty oak tree - for it is all encoded within. So too is it within ourselves. Sooner or later (probably later) a new social, or human, paradigm will exist; we are only at the cusp or beginning of it right now; but coming it surely is. Moreover, it will come a little faster with our collective will and effort working in harmony and accord not only with each other but with the nature of reality itself and the unfolding of the implicate order. Creation is not done and finished, it is still unfolding; and just as you and I unfold along with it - for we are a part of it - the cognitive part.

When this new understanding, new paradigm, eventually takes off in vast numbers of human beings then we will not require myths and priestcraft to fill the gaps in our knowledge and understanding - for the nature of reality and the life force itself does not need human beings to tell it how to operate or to write books on its behalf - even if such books were true. But we know well enough that most of them were far from the truth; and erected for the personal profit and power of those scribes. Humanity however grows up, just like a child becomes an adult; and when done we do not need sweet sticky sickly narcotics to keep us asleep and to keep the human mind in bondage to dangerous cretins. The nature of reality is infinitely more profound and complex than any man-made religions could ever aspire to comprehending - - and that is proved to us by the nature of reality itself.

This website, along with others of its ilk, and along with individuals who have something to say, and indeed some existing organisations, have studied the human mind, the psyche of our dynamics, at far deeper and wider levels than has ever yet been attained to in human existence. We have so much yet to learn; to come to understand, and thence to put to good effect in the world; but that which we know right now far outstrips and outshines anything of the past in consensus human terms. True, some isolated individuals have been very wise for their time, both in history and even now. But, the nature of reality is not about isolated individuals, it is about the sum of the whole. We are not talking about the innate or revealed wisdom of some men and some women, but rather of the collective of Humanity on earth - and the unfolding of the implicate order of BEING and BECOMING. Truly do we have to pick up our comfortable bed of ancient mythologies and walk on into the unknown - to discover what is there and thence how best to use it for the benefit of the whole. Any other or lesser enterprise or aspiration is not worthy of the Dignity of Man; nor the investment of effort and energy of creation itself. In knowing our Self we simultaneously come into the understanding of knowing where to go, why and how.

At this point in time humanity, for the large part, is not only alienated from each other but also alienated from the knowledge of Self, and what we are in our essential nature. Nothing of past deeds can ever be undone. But this does not prevent us from doing what we can do and must do now and tomorrow. And humanity is indeed redeeming the knowledge of our Self in growing numbers - the unfolding of the implicate order of Being and Becoming the more that we are. Hence the need for this and other such communications world-wide - and free of charge. Welcome to the future.